hoarding love

Sally Field is Doris Miller, trying to remain bright as day.

Hello, My Name is Doris
Cast: Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Tyne Daly
Director: Michael Showalter

Life took a quirky new turn for a 60-year-old introverted data encoder upon a tragic loss in the family and a gain of a refreshing new friendship. Doris Miller (Sally Field) schemes her way at a chance at love with a younger guy, art director John Fremont (Max Greenfield). She has issues with letting things go. He has qualms about wanting to be taken in.

Pretty much like the main character, the premise of the film is rather old and tried. You watch it and you’ll find yourself saying, “I’ve seen this before.” In the same analogy, though, you’d realize that this light and charming drama is as sweet and endearing as our Doris — expectedly flawed but definitely worth rooting for.

One key piece of the character’s journey in the movie is her battle against her hoarding disorder. Clearly, it’s parallel to the emotional baggage and waste one might have a hard time letting go of.  The cohesive writing in this film provided equal weight to this struggle. While she was reeling at a potential young love as a way of re-capturing the feeling she haven’t had for a long time, Doris’ hoarding disorder, while kept locked in at home, never took the backseat. And Sally Field’s skillful execution took things to a higher level. If she ever hoarded anything, it has to be exceptional acting and delivery, only she didn’t hesitate to let it out. And it turned out classy and marvelous.

In this age of emotional throwbacks and vintage, we obviously have things we refuse to detach from ourselves. We eventually, naturally or otherwise, come to terms and decide it is time to let go. And we have to. It’s the only ignition key we need to turn to keep things running. By running, I meant moving forward.

Personal Rating: 7.0 / 10
Watch it if you are: tired of comic book movies or cheesy formulaic rom-coms with subpar acting, a TV nerd who roots for TV stars when they appear on the big screen (New Girl! 2 Broke Girls! Brothers and Sisters! The OC!), a hoarder unnecessary crap, unable to let go of even crappier emotional junk, an EDM junkie, in need of a movie to bond over with your aunt or grandma


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