Where did you meet your best friend?

I worked at a BPO company’s delivery center in Santa Rosa, Laguna. I was part of the launch team. Gellie joined in a couple of batches later.

It wasn’t really hard to be friends with her. We bonded over being part of the same manager cluster. And then over stressful work stuff. Eventually, over heartbreaks and crazy times and more heartbreaks and more crazy times. And definitely over food.

There is a possibility, though, that we have already met as kids, we just didn’t know. It turns out, they lived in the same street I grew up on. Nakapanood ka na ng teleserye na may backstory ng dalawang bata? Yung alam mong sila yung bida pero di pa sila magkakilala sa umpisa? Malamang ganon. Pero hindi magkakatuluyan, naku Mahabaging Ina ng Guadalupe, patawarin.

The thing with having Gellie as a bestfriend is that it kinda felt like meeting your soulmate. Our brains have been messed up with the idea that you have to be romantically involved with your soulmate. What if it doesn’t always have to be that way? With Gellie, I’d like to believe soulmates can be the best of friends.

Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay, prendy! Seven years later, no itch. Well, there may be, but we keep it to ourselves and scratch it our own flirty ways. LOL

Thanks for keeping me around. Thanks for being the best part of every day. You’re awesome! I love yeow!

This is actually the first photo on my phone this year.

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