shots fire

Noob! Ugh!

I can only wish I have an eye for cinematography.

A few times, when I look at something, a part of it strikes me like it can be framed as a movie still. I am obsessed with drone shots, be it a wide-shot view of green fields, blue seas, or grey cities.

As a kid, I remember holding the door knob on both sides, like it’s a camera I’m operating, as I swivel the door sideways, closing one eye as if trying to peek through a camera hole. Later  on, I dreamed of operating a camera crane, until I developed a fear of heights.

I’m amazed at how a simple scene can be directed different ways, depending on the lighting, the camera angles, the additional smoke and effects as needed. Up until now, I can only wish.

When I don’t wish I can write for TV, I wish I can be a simple cameraman, or an award-winning cinematographer.

Maybe, eventually, I will be. I don’t know.

Tonight, I continue dreaming. By that, I mean sleep.


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