luh niña

If we start now, we will achieve La Niña.

— Bellatrix Tan, Miss Zamboanga
Miss Philippines Earth 2016 pageant

I think it goes without saying that this quote from the now infamous beauty queen from Zamboanga owned the day.

I doubt (and also hope I’m right in thinking) that she doesn’t know what La Niña. I think she got too overconfident. Her thought process was expected but the execution, well, we know what happened there.

This one’s yet another example of why we shouldn’t rush things. Think things over. It doesn’t really hurt to take time. And be very careful at that.

Caution is equally important. I mean, Pilipinas nga 400 na taon halos nasakop ng mga Kastila. Hindi naman sila nagmadali pero pagkalaya nila, nasakop din naman ng Amerikano.

Ayun makahugot lang na may Independence Day relevance. Sayang eh.

Just go with it, please?


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