lights, please

Try to leave the light on.

Only recently, I talked about bowing down.

The past week has been crazy awful. And painful. And sorrowful. And wrong on so many levels.

This time, out of misery and despair, we crave for light.

We look up.

We wish we can drown ourselves in rays of hope we all desperately need. And lack.

In this pitch black darkness, we’re eager to see just a tiny glimmer, and when we do, our hearts melt and we feel happy.

After the events of tragedy and death across the globe this past week, some of us might find it hard to smile again for a while.

Maybe if we try, just a little, we can be that tiny ray of hope to someone. Maybe we can share what little love we have and make our lives worth living again.

While we all try to adjust our eyes to the darkness, and try our hardest to make the black at least a tiny bit grey, we look up.

We look up and pray for light.

Sleep tight, aching world.


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