time first

I wanted to quit until I didn’t want to quit.



bow. wow.

When was the last time you bowed down?

We look up when we dream.

We look straight ahead when we move forward, trying to get to that dream.

We look back when we want to see how far we’ve gone. Or, sometimes painfully and regretfully, when we think of things we should or shouldn’t have done in the past.

But when was the last time we looked down?

In our everyday struggle for ambition, or to live day by day, or forget the past, when was the last time we humbled ourselves and bowed down?

Bowing down is as important as looking a hundred different directions.

We bow down to check if our feet are still on the ground, or to ground them if ego and pride seem to float them wrongfully.

We bow down when we’re tired. We bow down because there’s nothing wrong with accepting defeat or exhaustion. And we bow further down the more tired we grew. Because it was a good fight. And it’s worth every inch of effort and strength.

We bow down when we pray. Or fervently hope that something comes our way.

When we bow down, the best thing to do is stop, else we’ll get bump and hit. In this crazy world, a moment to stop doesn’t really hurt.

When was the last time the asphalt somehow cleared your mind? Or the green grass relieved your stress? Or a tiny puddle of water on the street showed your reflection?

green ranger


Nudge. Push. Flick.


We all paused at some point. Or stopped. Or gave up altogether.

Until someone or something gives us that reason to give it another shot. And another. And yet, another.

After all, every breathe is a sucking-expelling action, an unconscious cycle of taking in and giving up.

Life is a flip-flop of stops and starts.

We keep coming back to these two hearts. Two angels who’ve been rescued from the fall (nasal Cher competing with Peter Cetera). Hindi ko kasalanan kung kinanta mo. Hahaha!

I’m glad I lived through this day.

The only go-signal I needed is from no other than myself.

I am my own green ranger. I am my own reason to live.