No truer words, Agent Cabe Gallo.

And that’s why I’m telling you this:
You’re not fully formed yet. You’re almost there but you’re half-baked.

I didn’t realize this season’s super-sized Scorpion premiere will hit me hard.

This show is nerd-gasmic and action-packed. But in the two seasons, it has shown how tough it is to crack emotional shells, if there is such thing, for geniuses who are clearly more intellectual than emotional.

At one point in my life, particularly when I’m younger and new to the concept of relationships, I’m guilty of defying logic, even consciously at times, for that fucking thing called love. Now you see I resent it.

Nah, hindi naman. But you see, cliché are clichés for a reason, it’s because they happen all the time. And it is a damn cliché, but experience is gonna tell you that while you it’s best to follow your heart, you should never lose of your senses, too.

Recently, I have chosen to correct that mistake by self-reparation. I know for a fact that I’m not at my best shape right now (physically, lol, but also emotionally) to commit in a relationship. There were times when I had a few lapses, thinking that maybe it’s time for me to give it another shot. In the end, I choose not to go for it.

Taking from the wise words from Cabe (Patrick), I am half-baked. Not because I’m a genius who had no emotions — exactly the opposite. I’ve been emotional, complacent, and lazy, and it ruined a lot of things for me on the relationships department. Now, I’m trying to repair what I ruined, and I start with myself.

I’m not ready yet. And the responsible thing to do, while I’m not ready yet, is to steer clear of the dating zone. Kung hindi naman ako bibili, siguro iiwas muna ako sa market. Kung hindi naman ako gutom, iiwas muna ako sa buffet.

Same time next year, who knows. I may be loving myself a little more, or a little too much I’m spilling it over to someone else.

Until then.



Cast: Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Ari Stidham, Robert Patrick, Riley B. Smith
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cosmic charm

Some fall in love at first sight. They got married after the first date.

My first #ThursdayTV post goes out to the first US TV show I’ve ever watched.

I didn’t grow up in an English-speaking household. In the context of TV viewing, masa kami sa bahay. I was a teenager when we got cable TV, and even then, we weren’t readily willing to switch primetime teleseryes just yet.

So I only chanced upon Dharma & Greg while flipping channels. And pretty much like straight-up Greg falling in love with free-spirited Dharma, I immediately got attached to it, too. I found myself checking out when it’s on. When it happened to be shown when the TV is not supposed to be on (yeah, may oras ang TV sa bahay, and you think your parents are too strict on you?) I started to “rebel” and watched it, nonetheless.

I can’t recall much about the first episode I’ve actually seen, but I do remember waking up as early as 7 AM to watch it on Star World. It’s followed by Hollywood Squares. It’s a fun game show, I swore I have imagined then what it would be like if we have a local version of it. After that, it’s Whose Line Is It, Anyway? and my brain wasn’t ready for American improv yet, so I’d pass.

As a school boy, my English communication skills were mainly just in written form. I barely join declamation, oratorical, debate, or any kind of spoken English contests. So at first, I had to fake it when I watched the show – laughing only at the cue of canned audience chuckles. A few times the episode has Closed Captioning, and I’ll have fun reading and understanding it. It grew on me, and my fascination for US TV shows drew from there.

I’m a plain Pinoy fanboy who grew as a sick nerd for US television fare. All thanks to Dharma & Greg. Looking back, I realized it’s like the kind of love that’s not completely magical or remarkable or epic. It’s a normal weekday morning, and channel-surfing can’t prove just how boring it was. Then something new sparks your interest, curves your lips into a smile, brings you a couple of laughs. Before you know it, you have a new routine. Before you know it, something foreign, surprisingly charming, grows on you.

Before you know it, your life is changed forever.

Hanep nadala ko sa pag-ibig, ‘no? Hahaha matinde!

That spark from Day 1 lasted Dharma and Greg a lifetime of love, and five seasons of on-screen riot.

To firsts! Cheers!

Dharma & Greg

Cast: Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson, Joel Murray, Mimi Kennedy, Alan Rachins, Mitchell Ryan, Susan Sullivan, Shae D’Lyn, Susan Chuang, Helen Greenberg 
Executive Producers: Chuck Lorre, Dottie Dartland