part deux

Not everyone is slated for sequels. And you know it, not all sequels are awesome.

I quote myself tonight, while reminding myself at the same time that second chances are tricky.

Tricky when you ask for it. Tricky when you’re being asked for it. Tricky when it’s being handed to you.

In yet another paradox brought to us by Life, we are always expected to do things right. Nail them the first time. Yet, we are told that to err is human. We are consoled by the fact that if we miss, we sin, we do wrong, we apologize and learn and do it right the next time.

The next fucking time. Bawi bawi din pag may time, so goes every jeje line yes?

This crazy game of life and chances can’t always be won, but in the end, I guess what’s important is that we do what we do without any regrets.

Kung ibibigay mo, hihingin mo, ipagkakait mo, o kukunin mo ang bawat pagkakataon, sana ibibigay, hihingin, ipagkakait, o kukunin mo nang walang pagsisi, o duda, o alinlangan. At may paninindigan.


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